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For over 70 years we have ethically sourced our high-quality herbs and spices all maintaining a level of sustainability through educating business partners, farmers, and vendors.

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Top of the Line Services

Customers have the option to pursue our top of the line services. Once we know what our customers need, we provide a high-quality product with minimal waste or impact on the planet.

Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils

Herbs, Spices, and Essential Oils

We are Kalustyan Corporation, an industry leader in producing high quality herbs, spices, and essential oils. We go above and beyond making sure our products are exceptional for our customers.

Quality Center of Excellence

Our facilities undergo rigorous inspections and audits from internal, external, and 3rd party auditors. Our processes are always up to par throughout the supply chain along with the procurement of multiple certifications that back our claims.

Kalustyan Worldwide

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AlbKalustyan is the product of years of dedicated service to the market. Through AlbKalustyan, we are able to create a reliable supply chain that provides safe food products and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Egy-Kal works to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Within the Egy-Kal supply chain, there is visibility back to the farmers as well as dedication to future innovations in the industry.

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IndiKal is dedicated to sustainable agriculture in the Indian market and beyond. This facility is the result of a growing domestic demand for organic chili, herbs, spices, and niche products. Blends can be made to customer’s exact specifications, and our integrated supply chain provides traceability all the way back to the local growers. IndiKal is GFSI (BRC) certified and meets all international standards. We take it a step further with an on-site quality assurance lab, and shared learning through quality centers of excellence.

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TurKal has established a supply chain that provides food safe products while supporting sustainable practices. TurKal is a key contributor to our work with initiatives such as the Rainforest Alliance.

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Being part of the Kalustyan family means growing and producing a responsible, transparent supply chain.

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